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Slowness is a new black

Last month I have been deeply immersed into exploring the body and mind and how I want to keep on coming back to my self in the ways that support my full being and living on this journey. My journey is not just the physical one but in a high sense also the inner one.

I have found the way to support my learning about the therapy and supporting others by an amazing mentor I have been working with for many years now.

I feel like I am ready to step into the new way of supporting others in my personal life and in my business, so I seeked to deepen all of it.

Starting full time traveling and co living and being a part of a new community that started to form around this travel made my needs so very clear and everything aligned in a way that I only can feel grateful for.

I have been looking into my business profile and what I am standing for. Exploring the life movement and the rhythm of contrations and expansions, I observed new resources that showed up along the way.

Last 2 weeks I have been exploring working with a new client and holding both yoga classes and cacao ceremonies.

I observed more of my self unfolding, specially in the early mornings, while I do my practice and I trace gentle changes of my body.

What have been coming to me lately was the sense of need for slowing down. I have so many amazing and creative new ideas I want to persuade and I get so easily excited about them all and I want to do all at once just now, but that also leads me to rushing and chasing the invisible cord of something not present. I exhausted my self to the edge of collapsing ending overwhelmed and forgetting to find back to myself by finding the resources that supports that.

“Slow down” I heard someone saying. “Slowly” I heard repeating to another.

And then yesterday, on my yoga mat, I slowed my own pace to the extend where it felt like a wellknown, and yet so easily forgotten, stillness I preach in my Yin Yoga classes.

Oh, how I need and love stilness to the fullest. Slowly I can expand my own being again by just being in what it is now. No rushing, no chasing dreams, not forcing anything but moving in the pace of needs anchored deeply in my being.

That is my own medicine, that is the medicin I practice with my clients, that is the only way of organically living and weaving my personal life with the business I am trying to create for the upcoming time. That is what I feel and hope it will bring me closer to the sustainable life of mindfulness and traveling, being full time mama, partner, unschooler, spaceholder and a provider in many different ways.

How slowly will that be? Beyond slowness to the edge of stilness.

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