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About me

I'm Ivana.

In addition to being a person with a lot of dreams, desires and interests, I have several epithets that I often give to my name.

I am a woman born and raised in Croatia, a partner of a Dane for whom I moved to the North many years ago, I am a mother of three children who are unique and their own and for whom I try to be the best version of myself. But I try to be that to myself. Because I love life and what it gives us.

I am grateful to my parents for bringing me into the world 37 years ago and I have been learning the most since then, so I also deal with learning issues the most (professionally).

By profession I am a professor of Croatian and Phonetics, a teacher of Danish, English and Physical Education and I completed a postgraduate degree in Danish as a second foreign language.

But those are just titles. What is more important to me is what I carry inside me, and that is constantly changing and upgrading in accordance with my life course and changes.

So I can’t say I’m more of one or the other or something third.

My range includes: education, alternative learning methods, homeschooling and child rearing, language and yoga teaching, individual counseling and translation services.

My passions are many. I will write about most of them, so there will be a lot here about finding a meaningful life, spending time with children at home, ways of learning and developing with children (but also myself), traveling, nomadism and listening to my own needs.

This here is me. And for everything else, send inquiries or comments.

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